Former Mercenary Alleged of Murdering Florida Pilot

fake internet profile: Lasarus  actually Gerald Homer Hight Jr.   Age mid 40s  Related to:  Nireta Hight 20s  and Nathan Bradley Hight age mid 40s

164 Saber Way
Lake Orion MI 48362-3372
Neighborhood: Lake Orion 

4108 SW 7th Place
Cape Coral, Florida 33914-5875
Neighborhood: Pelican 


Hiding in plain site at the National U.S. Navy U.D.T. – SEAL Museum in Ft. Pierce, Florida

R.E.M.F. Donald Weldon Shipley Jr. poses by himself in front of the U.D.T.  Memorial Mural for his personal photo op.  In actuality Shipley is hated by the volunteers and members of this prestigious Naval organization.  Hence they are not to be seen in this, or any other photo ops with Shipley.

NOWHERE on the property of the National U.S. Naval U.D.T. SEAL Museum will you find one iota of the name Donald W. Shipley Jr. being propounded about this renegade R.E.M.F. has been. Interesting, isn’t it?


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