Joseph (Jar-Head) Kenneth Oliver POW Network Cyber Troll BAGGED

Look !  What was found hiding in a popcorn field of Arcanum, Ohio.

     Hiding among the Jane Krickenbarger pop-corn-field is the Joseph Kenneth Oliver Family of stolen valor vigilante conspirators to murder.  Joe and Jane have been implicated in the aircraft sabotage murder of a Vietnam War Veteran (Daniel A. Bernath) in Ft. Myers, Florida recently.  The F.A.A. and N.T.S.B. Investigators have found positive evidence of fuel contaminants that were used to stop the engine in flight while over a local Florida swamp where he was killed.  The conspiracy was a plan and product of the Directors with the POW Network Vigilantes who Attorney Bernath was suing in several states for sabotaging his airplane and didn’t kill him. 

     Their modes operandi  was to put Bernath in jail for bogus harassment charges then sabotage his airplane, again, while he was gone in the lockup.  They did.  He is now dead.  Joe Kenneth Oliver and his wife Jane Krickenbarger are directors of a self-appointed POW Network Vigilante group on the internet and are now “persons of interest” along with Donald Weldon Shipley,  and Mary Pauline Schantag,  according to law enforcement.

NOTICE:  the  <>

This is a fake email address for multiple internet vigilante profiles to use instead of their actual names and faces to harass and dishonor the combat disabled Vietnam War Veterans for their cyber-trolling entertainment.

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  1. Kenneth-
    Truth Always Prevails.

    Time for You and the Rest of Your Cowardly Group to step away from the Keyboard and Suffer the Consequences for Your Destructive Effects on Humanity. Period.

    If You even thought for a second You could get away from John the Baptist and Jesus the Christ. You have been Greatly Disillusioned.

    Judgement Day is Upon You and All of Your Cast of Satanic Partners in Crime.

    For Your Education Stupid PELICAN BAY is not a Tropical Resort. And the Mexican Mafia are not Your Servants.

    We even shipped in Your NEW CELLMATE from Central Congo. Congo is in Africa Stupid!

    Tyrell the GAY Mandingo Warrior. Tyrell was selected by over a Million Volunteers for this Assignment. YOU!

    Within the whole Continent of Africa Tyrell (original name MSAJIKUDDU) is Commonly known as The HUMAN TRIPOD.

    Tyrell (MSAJIKUDDU) was selected measuring two important criteria.

    First is obviously “Physical Prowess!”

    And secondly for Your Personal Protection from the Prison Neo Nazis.

    When Don Shipley (SEAL) betrayed His Brothren Neo Nazis to the FBI.

    Don Shipley blamed everything on You and John Lilyea. As well as many former Members of Blackwater to people currently sitting in the White House.

    Don Shipley sang to the Authorities and it was Sad to Watch. Really, Don missed His calling He should of been in Opera.

    Do not take My Word for it read the Court Transcript or just call Don and Diane Shipley Yourself.

    I doubt They will take Your call but if They do I am sure Don and Diane will tell You.

    If They do not take Your call it is probably by direction of their Attornies.

    Do not take it personally I am sure They Still Love You. Human Nature is Self Preservation & to Protect Themselves.

    Any Constellation the Shipleys will turn on Mary Pauline Schantag as well. It is not just You. Don turned on His Brothers. SAD.
    Good Luck,
    Joe the JEW

  2. This is VERY INTERESTING..!

    I am beginning to see their the very checkered past activities of the POW Network of Vigilantes’ pertinacity to utilize murder and suicides as methods to their evil madness. The POW Network internet group of self appointed vigilantes under the guise of stolen valor are led by a woman (widow) of a former Vietnam War Marine from Skidmore, Missouri. In 1980, this is the small town who met at an American Legion post (where Charles Schantag and Mary Schantag were veterans’ leadership. A group of 30 some people gathered to decide if they should KILL the pro-ported town bully. After some vigilante gushing they went outside across the street at the local bar and murdered the man with several different shots sitting next to his wife. No one was charged for murder because nobody who witnessed it would tell on the others. Unquestionable, is the fact that former Marine Charles Schantag is the type and had the means to stir up the crowd and kill the man. They did, and he is dead.

    Then after the “heat-turned-down” years later Charles and Mary Schantag began to do the very same thing to supposed “fake POWs” lurking around their state. They became a non-profit organization and began to recruit the very same vigilantes in Skidmore and elsewhere. God gave Charles (Chuck) a massive heart attack and now the widow Mary Pauline has to do all the hunting of stolen valor with the help from her minions. Joseph Kenneth Oliver and his wife Jane Krickenbarger are two of the “band of bastards” who conspired to murder the real deal Vietnam War Veteran Daniel Alan Bernath. These people think this is normal. They have gotten away with it before, and never mention it, for obvious reasons.

    The time is now to put these people in prison and as this website is the “cracking” of their eggs in their basket.

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