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Hiding inside his apartment flat #104 in Washington DC is a lead supposed “investigator” for Americas’ stolen valor vigilantes. This 70 year old Dave L. Hardin taunts the Vietnam War Veterans to call him about their military records, so he can blog about them. How funny is that. He is part of the Vietnam War Veterans “self-murder suicide” advocates. SHAME ON THOSE WHO STILL HARASS AND DISHONOR THE COMBAT DISABLED VIETNAM WAR VETERANS AFTER ALL THESE DECADES. Now if you read his website’s “legal disclaimers” ? He disavows anything and everything that is supposedly investigated and written about the “targets” he calls them. He and his “band of bastards” utilize fake internet profiles “as women” to flush-out the pussy hunters wild stories and claim stolen valor reports. This is the stupid of the stupid. NOTICE: he only shows the top of his head and does not use his real name. These are the sure-fire signs of a pussy afraid to stand behind his musings.

Americas’ “Military Phony” bloggers are now unmasked HERE  !




4 Replies to ““COMING SOON” I.M.M.I. MILITARY PHONY / Iceland”

  1. As a former West Virginia Reserves Marine E-3 (non-combat) I am pleased to see the Icelandic Multi Media Initiative to assist in outting the rear echelon mother fuckers in the Mary P. Schantag band of bastards. When I am not a lumber-jacking hill-billy, I enjoy harassing and dishonoring the real deal combat wounded Vietnam War Veterans of the special forces trained Airborne Ranger LRRPs for my cyber-trolling entertainment. Thank you (off-shore) internet servers for giving me something to do. Long Live Iceland.




  2. Scott-
    I know You to this Day. You feel Shunned for being Denied (at least) Oscar Nomination for playing Ned Beatty in Deliverance in THE SCENE.

    Your Voice Squel of a Pig being Raped should of Qualified alone. You took being a Stunt Man to a whole new level.
    Joe the JEW

  3. Scott-
    Bravo! Bravo! Bravo Scott!!

    Seriously. You got Duped in the Stunt Man Category. Should of at Least Gotten Best Supporting Actor.

    Really?! You were so Realistic in the Scene because You acted like You didn’t enjoy it. We know the truth.

    Burt Reynolds is a friend of mine and He said You wanted to do the Scene and over. Crazy.

    Burt said the Joke on the Set was that He could drive His car He used in one of His Bandit Movies into Your Colon.
    Good Job,
    Joe the JEW

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