Yolanda Grace Silva “REBEL HAS A CAUSE” Poser of many names

a.k.a.  “my little mouse”


Yolanda Silva is 64 years old and was born on 02/26/1954.
Currently, she lives in Winchester, CA; and previously lived
in Aptos, CA, San Marcos, CA and Buellton, CA. Sometimes
Yolanda goes by various nicknames including Yolanda J
Vanderpuyl, Yolanda Puyl, Yolanda Thompson, Yoland V Puyl,
Yolanda G Vanderpuyl, Yolanda G Thompsonvanderpuyl, Yolanda
Vander puyl, Yolinda G Dahl, Yolanda G Thompson, Yolanda G
Silva, Yolanda G Puyl, Yolanda Vanderpuyl, Yolanda G Dahl,
Yolonda J Vanderpuyl,  and Etta DeJong.  Family members and associates
include Eric Dahl, Manuel Silva, Roland Puyl, Richard Silva
and Bart Vanderpuyl.


Her scammer email address tells a lot.


 Netherlands translation is:  ” My Little Mouse”


Not everybody has so many names and addresses except for people NOT wanting to be actually located or fraudsters of the Federal Government social security benefits plus, plus, plus, plus.

Here she is and she has just as many fake gmail fake profiles on the internet.  Imagine that.  She likes to call herself “Rebel With A Cause” and has a gmail account as her testimony to her stupidity.

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