MORE MILITARY FRATRICIDE: Jonn Victor Lilyea WRONG AGAIN about Rangers’ stolen valor

SOFREP REPORTS:  A.L.S. shrinking brain blogger has a brain fart and loses credibility, again.

Jonn Lilyea military kook is wrong again.
Jonn Victor Lilyea, a military kook, on his personal stolen valor webpages has to take down his work on a real deal Airborne Ranger he and his band of bastards incorrectly accused of stolen valor.

Former Army Ranger Paul Lozier was accused by an online blog last week of lying about him being a Ranger. The accusation was spurred during a political argument on Facebook, when the owner of the blog (Jonn Victor Lilyea) and who supposedly seeks out those who claim stolen valor posted about Lozier, publicly calling him a fraud. After presenting his case and discussing his two years within the Regiment, the accusations continued. The problem? Lozier was an actual Ranger and he wasn’t lying about anything. The conversations on the military kooks’ blogs comments then began to get strange, potentially pointing toward a fundamental misunderstanding of what a Ranger even is by the accuser (a tragic misstep in the case of someone tasked with calling other people out). The A.L.S. shrinking brain and wheelchair bound writer of the article claimed that, “He had spent 18 months in 1/75th but has never referred to [himself] as a Ranger,” insinuating that Lozier should also not consider himself one. In an interview with SOFREP, Lozier freely admitted that, “He did not serve on a deployment and he did not get his Ranger tab., but was seriously injured in the mountains phase of Ranger School, suffering a fall from a high incline.” However, all of that is irrelevant as those are not requirements for the Ranger title and they never have been — passing RIP or RASP and earning your scroll is what earns the title of “Ranger,” not to mention time served in the actual 75th Ranger Regiment. Jonn Victor Lilyea and owner of the blog and original author has since removed the post and comments with all traces of it on the site. However, word has gotten out and there are corners of the internet still claiming Lozier was lying about his military background.
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Luke Ryan is a SOFREP journalist in Tampa, FL. He is a former Team Leader from 3rd Ranger Battalion, having served four deployments to Afghanistan. He grew up overseas, the son of foreign aid workers, and lived in Pakistan for nine years and Thailand for five. He has a degree in English Literature and also owns a small film production company, Gravitas Studios.

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