Captain Bernathypants Murderer “Lassrus” is UNMASKED

Stolen Valor Vigilante MURDERER Unmasked

Daniel Allan Bernath was a real deal Vietnam War Veteran in the U.S. Navy who 40 years later received an honorary Chief Petty Officer certificate of appreciation from his Navy Photo-Club which is worthless and nothing to do with real stolen valor.  During the Obama Presidency a whole cast of stolen valor vultures where let loose on America and began a terror mission to everybody they thought was screwing the other Veterans by being more than what they really were.  Bernath was culled out for the humiliating activities the former military Veterans would dish out for their fun and cyber-trolling entertainment.  Being a retired lawyer, he began to sue the actual perpetrators when they began turning up on his front lawn.  The very real lawsuits sent the vigilantes over the top and commissioned a “fatwa” to sabotage the real Vietnam War Veteran’s airplane in a Ft. Myers airport hanger.  They did it.  But Bernath found the fuel contamination sabotage and reported it to the Airport Security and the local police department.

The internet went abuzz and a fake profiler aka “Lassarus” professed to the U.S. Navy SEALs that he would do the dirty deed again.  He did and Bernath’s airplane fell to the ground killing him in a thousand pieces and as the NTSB began an aviation investigation. The internet went silent, being a very telling occasion when the blabber-mouth computer geeks go silent.  “A Tasset Confession” .

Who is Lassarus ?

Investigators began looking for the person of interest living within striking distance of Bernath’s airplane and affiliated with the U.S. Navy SEAL retired owning the blog in Maryland.

Up pops the information about a young “skin-head” who was arrested and imprisoned for a new Michigan State intimidation law.  The same name as found on the blogger’s meta-files of “Lassarus”.. 47 year old house painter Gerald Homer Hight  born on 08/03/1971 and who was living in Ft. Myers and Cape Coral during the same dates with related Grandmother Mary Ann Goffar.

Today he calls himself “Jerry” with an internet name of ghpjerry an acronym of “Gerald Hight Paint Jerry” and LLC currently operating out of 164 Saber Way, Lake Orion, MI 48362.

Person of Interest Gerald Homer Hight aka Lassarus, aka Jerry, aka ghpjerry.

Lake Orion, Michigan 48362

(248) 425-2407

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