“Hondo”  is the fake profile name on the “thisainthell.us” commentator/admin and self proclaimed military analyst for the cyber net group of “deep-state military kooks”.  Stolen Valor Outtings are their forte’ activities and Vietnam War Veterans are their favorite “targets” they call them.  Indeed shades of self-appointed vigilantes who are trained, funded, armed, and dangerous.

HONDO is not a professional military analyst and lies to prove points in popularity contests among them selves and share with the media when ever possible.

Sometimes they just smear a person’s reputation on NON-STOLEN VALOR issues, like civilian honorary certificates.  NO, really.!

 Stolen Valor Vigilantes Harassing Messages on Napkins
Stolen Valor Vigilantes Send Taunting Messages, Even on Napkins

From their favorite tavern, stolen valor vigilantes send taunting messages EVEN ON A NAPKIN to those actual combat wounded Vietnam War Veterans who they harass and dishonor for their blog readership entertainment. Here on the left is Mark Cameron Seavey supposed attorney for the blog, but actually is the media director of the National American Legion Headquarters in Indianapolis. On the right is the blog owner and retired Army E-7, Jonn Victor Lilyea.  Mr. Lilyea later also worked at the National Archives in Washington D.C. and began to collaborate with the blog vigilantes from the back doors, so to speak. Their selfie is to (for) the person who exposed the activity and hence got Lilyea “retired”.


Jonn Lilyea and Mark Seavey meeting at a “military blog” conference they helped organize with Peter Hegseth of FOX television.