Bartow County Ga. Associate Judge Jamie G. Averett

Home of the Associate Judge Vigilante 

Jamie G. Averett stolen valor vigilante in the Bartow County courthouse.
An associate Judge civilian is the legal mechanism for Americas self-appointed stolen valor vigilante group unholy activities against the combat disabled Vietnam War Veterans for her fun and now profit too.

Bartow County Juvenile Court
Frank Moore Administration Building
135 West Cherokee Ave. Ste. 333
Cartersville, GA 30120
Phone: 770-387-5039
Fax: 770-387-5044

stolen valor vigilante Judge Jamie G. Averett of Cartersville, Georgia.
From the halls of the Bartow County Georgia courthouse, associate Judge Jamie G. Averett casts her secret squirrel stolen valor vigilante activities. Here she is pictured with the two notorious stolen valor vigilante websites, Jonn Victor Lilyea and Mark Cameron Seavey at a military kook’s blog conference. Once the real military participated, they quickly reneged out of the clandestine operations by over zealous R.E.M.F. wannabees.

 11 Westgate Drive SW,  Cartersville, GA 30120    (770) 607-2019

shame on Judge Jaime G. Averett
The Associate Judge’s photograph with Americas stolen valor vigilante group is plenty of incriminating evidence that she is complicit in several “self-murders” inspired suicides by this unholy group, BAND OF BASTARDS.