Stolen Valor Vigilante San Diego Yolanda Grace Silva

Inspired by Mary Schantag’s “Wall of Villains”

Working as a legal secretary out of California San Diego Yolanda has many allies as she harasses and dishonors Americas Vietnam War Veterans for her entertainment. Friend with Mary Pauline Schantag, Yolanda wants to be called “rebel with a cause” or now she wants to be called Rebecca, aka Caroline.  Make up your mind Ms. Kook.  She is about to lose her job.

Yolanda, with a fake internet troll profile “Rebecca” aka “CarolineSTFU” has this young child “supposedly her son” write to Vietnam War Veterans “bating-them” to respond to the supposed youngster merely to jail whom ever she can find.   Shame on those who still harass and dishonor the combat disabled Vietnam War Veterans for their entertainment.