Current Duty Military FEEDING on Vietnam War Veterans

Mary Pauline Schantag Leads the Military Kooks

From a small-town rural Skidmore, Missouri Americas stolen valor vigilantes are organized, funded, trained, armed, and dangerous by a widow Mary Pauline Schantag under the guise of  “The Fake Warrior Project.”

A small group of self-appointed directors of the organization project are well known for their stolen valor “gottcha videos” on their “subscriptions-only” channel.  Most of the participants are current duty military from combat zones around the world.  The widow Mary Pauline Schantag awards trophies to the military Veterans for outstanding work in exposing supposed stolen valor perpetrators.

Of late, the group of  self-taught stolen valor marauders have been trying to tag the Vietnam War Veterans for stolen valor that is obviously not really  stolen valor; but very entertaining to Americas current duty military paying subscriptions and voting by popular demand who should be accosted next  and waiting with anticipation watching the very unpatriotic activities to real deal Vietnam War Veterans, with more medals than the vigilantes.

This activity is being organized and carried out from Skidmore, Missouri and is tantamount to the vigilantism in America.  On July, 10th, 1981 and in broad day light a crowd of citizens met at the American Legion Hall (including Mr. & Mrs Schantag living just a couple small blocks away).

Most the entire crowd went to the only downtown bar and assassinated (shot to death) a citizen while parked after “they all decided” he was a bully and a menace.  The murder victim’s wife was sitting beside him during the rifle shots with blood spattered on her as she ran for her life.  Nobody, including the Schantags, would testify as a witness to anything.  None of the Skidmore town’s vigilantes told on the “several-shooter” assassins.  No one was arrested or no one went to jail to this very day.

This is the foundation of the Schantag/Skidmore vigilante activities literally having gotten away with murder already.  Conspiracy to murder.   This very illegal activity was the spark that lit the hearts of Americas Stolen Valor Vigilantes on the bloody ground of rural Skidmore., Mo.

Mary Pauline Schantag

Mary Pauline Schantag of rural Skidmore, Missouri is pictured with her WALL OF VILLAINS in the background. The wall is full of “targets” names she calls the military Veterans.

Where were Charles and Mary Schantag during the American Legion organized vigilante murder in broad daylight in downtown Skidmore, Mo. on the 10th of July 1981 ?