Bartow County Ga. Associate Judge Jamie G. Averett

Jamie G. Averett

Home of the Associate Judge Vigilante 

Jamie G. Averett stolen valor vigilante in the Bartow County courthouse.
An associate Judge civilian is the legal mechanism for Americas self-appointed stolen valor vigilante group unholy activities against the combat disabled Vietnam War Veterans for her fun and now profit too.

Bartow County Juvenile Court
Frank Moore Administration Building
135 West Cherokee Ave. Ste. 333
Cartersville, GA 30120
Phone: 770-387-5039
Fax: 770-387-5044

stolen valor vigilante Judge Jamie G. Averett of Cartersville, Georgia.
From the halls of the Bartow County Georgia courthouse, associate Judge Jamie G. Averett casts her secret squirrel stolen valor vigilante activities. Here she is pictured with the two notorious stolen valor vigilante websites, Jonn Victor Lilyea and Mark Cameron Seavey at a military kook’s blog conference. Once the real military participated, they quickly reneged out of the clandestine operations by over zealous R.E.M.F. wannabees.

 11 Westgate Drive SW,  Cartersville, GA 30120    (770) 607-2019

shame on Judge Jaime G. Averett
The Associate Judge’s photograph with Americas stolen valor vigilante group is plenty of incriminating evidence that she is complicit in several “self-murders” inspired suicides by this unholy group, BAND OF BASTARDS.

Stolen Valor Vigilante San Diego Yolanda Grace Silva

Inspired by Mary Schantag’s “Wall of Villains”

Working as a legal secretary out of California San Diego Yolanda has many allies as she harasses and dishonors Americas Vietnam War Veterans for her entertainment. Friend with Mary Pauline Schantag, Yolanda wants to be called “rebel with a cause” or now she wants to be called Rebecca, aka Caroline.  Make up your mind Ms. Kook.  She is about to lose her job.

Yolanda, with a fake internet troll profile “Rebecca” aka “CarolineSTFU” has this young child “supposedly her son” write to Vietnam War Veterans “bating-them” to respond to the supposed youngster merely to jail whom ever she can find.   Shame on those who still harass and dishonor the combat disabled Vietnam War Veterans for their entertainment.

Current Duty Military FEEDING on Vietnam War Veterans

Mary Pauline Schantag Leads the Military Kooks

From a small-town rural Skidmore, Missouri Americas stolen valor vigilantes are organized, funded, trained, armed, and dangerous by a widow Mary Pauline Schantag under the guise of  “The Fake Warrior Project.”

A small group of self-appointed directors of the organization project are well known for their stolen valor “gottcha videos” on their “subscriptions-only” channel.  Most of the participants are current duty military from combat zones around the world.  The widow Mary Pauline Schantag awards trophies to the military Veterans for outstanding work in exposing supposed stolen valor perpetrators.

Of late, the group of  self-taught stolen valor marauders have been trying to tag the Vietnam War Veterans for stolen valor that is obviously not really  stolen valor; but very entertaining to Americas current duty military paying subscriptions and voting by popular demand who should be accosted next  and waiting with anticipation watching the very unpatriotic activities to real deal Vietnam War Veterans, with more medals than the vigilantes.

This activity is being organized and carried out from Skidmore, Missouri and is tantamount to the vigilantism in America.  On July, 10th, 1981 and in broad day light a crowd of citizens met at the American Legion Hall (including Mr. & Mrs Schantag living just a couple small blocks away).

Most the entire crowd went to the only downtown bar and assassinated (shot to death) a citizen while parked after “they all decided” he was a bully and a menace.  The murder victim’s wife was sitting beside him during the rifle shots with blood spattered on her as she ran for her life.  Nobody, including the Schantags, would testify as a witness to anything.  None of the Skidmore town’s vigilantes told on the “several-shooter” assassins.  No one was arrested or no one went to jail to this very day.

This is the foundation of the Schantag/Skidmore vigilante activities literally having gotten away with murder already.  Conspiracy to murder.   This very illegal activity was the spark that lit the hearts of Americas Stolen Valor Vigilantes on the bloody ground of rural Skidmore., Mo.

Mary Pauline Schantag

Mary Pauline Schantag of rural Skidmore, Missouri is pictured with her WALL OF VILLAINS in the background. The wall is full of “targets” names she calls the military Veterans.

Where were Charles and Mary Schantag during the American Legion organized vigilante murder in broad daylight in downtown Skidmore, Mo. on the 10th of July 1981 ?

Blue on Blue Stolen Valor Fratricide

Blue On Blue: Stolen Valor Fratricide

Tell the truth about what you see and what you do. There is an army depending on us for correct information. You can lie all you please when you tell other folks about the rangers, but don’t never lie to a ranger or officer – Rogers Rangers

_____ It is now officially time we all had a talk about this ‘Stolen Valor’ craziness. _____

A while back, I was at the airport in Chicago passing through on business and I had just finished dinner and was standing up in the process of paying my bill.  I was a middle aged guy with a heavy five o’clock shadow, physically fit without looking super athletic, and wearing civilian clothes – honestly, I didn’t much look like a soldier.

Portrait of American Soldier looking down
Operator facepalm:  “Valor Custodians”

As I turned to go, this huge kid reeking of beer and at least a few percentage points over his tape test walked right up on me and blocked me from leaving, ‘10th MTN, huh?’  It took me a few seconds to register I had a tiny 10th MTN pin on my backpack which I had forgotten about.  Before I could answer, he jabbed his finger at the pin and got super aggressive, ‘What Battalion were you in?  Who was your Commander?”  I already had my wallet out and I pulled my ID card and held it out and told him to ‘back’ off.  He took a look, apologized and he left.

My encounter ended well for me but it didn’t end so well for Marine veteran Michael Deflin.  This Fallujah vet couldn’t produce an active duty CAC card on request from some Air Force dude and therefore he got the crap kicked out of him.  He suffered a broken leg and jaw in the process.  Prior to him and his friend beating Deflin down, the USAF guy accused him of ‘Stolen Valor’.

Congratulations, we have now started conducting fratricide on our own.

Stolen Valor is a real problem but not a new one – folks have lied about their service for personal and political gain after the Civil War and after both World Wars.  It should be exposed when it is found.  But the whole business of exposing those who lie about their service has become increasingly sordid with legions of veterans self-appointing themselves as ‘Valor Custodians’ fighting the good fight trying to find the next sad sack guy lying about being a SEAL cyber-ninja at the local Mall food-court.

I use to roll my eyes at these antics but now they have gotten dangerous.  Stolen Valor fratricide folks:  you’re the reason why we can’t have nice things.

Part of what makes this so laughable is that some of the loudest members of the mob are people who were FOB warriors downrange.  They are the dudes you see at the PX or the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport wearing their absolutely pristine condition 400 dollar tactical packs with the ‘Major League Infidel’ patch, the always ridiculous camo cap with a subdued American flag on the velcro, and drinking a giant Monster while telling everyone who will listen about that ‘one time in Iraq, I did xxxxxx and I’m totally not making it up!’

The truth is they never left the wire on their one OIF/OEF tour – but I sure as hell hear them lying…oops, I mean exaggerating about what they have done downrange in the orderly rooms, at the PX food court, on social media, and in the customs line at Ali al Salim Air Base.  Come on, guys, you don’t think we notice?  You don’t think we haven’t heard multiple variations of the same story our entire career?

For many of you out there in the mob, I would say check your own shot group before you starting calling out others.

It is time to stop the nonsense.  Your service makes you part of a unique grouping of Americans, but it doesn’t make anyone a hero despite what John Cena told you when you saw him on the USO tour at the Bagram Clamshell, you know, right before salsa night – the real heroes are at Arlington or Walter Reed.

Nor does it give you a right to be a jerk to others.  If you think someone is lying about their service, the first thing you should do is chill and regard the situation.  Separate the innocuous from the consequential.  Tall tales and ‘war stories’ have been around since the beginning of time and mostly they are harmless.  I would be lying if I told you I haven’t told one in my life.  Unless it involves decorations, tabs, or awards which they didn’t receive, the stories generally aren’t worth your time to correct or worry about.

If you are still convinced they are rotten and they are truly disgracing the service of others like the civilian who wears a uniform and misrepresents himself at a public event or the guy who wears a Purple Heart or Silver Star they didn’t earn, then don’t confront them – the proper course of action is call Law Enforcement, local FBI field office, your chain of command, or the service investigative offices (CID, NCIS, OSI).  They are the trained professionals who know how to handle these sorts of cases.  It is becoming increasingly obvious many folks don’t.

And for God’s sake, take off the subdued velcro flag hats.